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Vicky Forrester, contemporary  jewellery , bespoke jewellery, jewelry. Original hand made jewellery experiences. Designed and made by hand. Each piece is hand crafted and exists as an original. Gold silver special  jewellery gifts. Made at my Flux in South London. These contemporary jewellery forms exist unique pieces as one a part of my exclusive one off bespoke jewellery collections. LIMBIC RING (with purple spinel)

Here's another beauty to transport you to another dimension..

The spinel derives it's name ('little thorn') from the sharp pointed crystal formation it grows in. It's harder than quartz, and comes in the whole range od scintilating colours.

The purple spinel is thought to enhance communication between generations. I hope this ring will carry a good story far into the future!

The Limbic Ring is made to measure. Each one is hand sculpted and studio cast, and can be made from your unwanted jewellery - subject to suitability of metal

If you have unwanted gold jewellery or stones you'd like to upcycle I can re-make them to create your own, unique ring

This ring can also be made in white or red gold, or platinum. Other stones can also be used instead of or in addition to diamonds.



Price: From £1450

Material 14ct recycled gold, with purple spinel.

Vicky Forrester, contemporary  jewellery , bespoke jewellery, jewelry.