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Vicky Forrester.Original hand made jewellery experiences. Designed and made by hand. Each piece is hand crafted and exists as an original. Gold silver special  jewellery gifts. Made at my Flux in South London. These contemporary jewellery forms exist unique pieces as one a part of my exclusive one off bespoke jewellery collections. ATHENA NECK PIECE

Hair up, neck bare, low-cut classic dress...slip on this Athena Neckpiece and feel the Goddesss in you!

Showing here is the front detail of the neckpiece. The sensuous curves spiral around the clavicle, giving length to the neck.

This neckpiece has some spring in its form; it slips around the neck like a collar and requires no fastening or adjustment. The piece is very comfortable to wear, so it's a fabulous piece for that special event....


Materials: Sterling silver with Moonstone (see back view)

Price: £2250 in silver

Available in Gold POA

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