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Vicky Forrester, rings, wedding rings, gold and silver, contemporary  jewellery , bespoke jewellery, jewelry. Original hand made jewellery experiences. Designed and made by hand. Each piece is hand crafted and exists as an original. Gold silver special  jewellery gifts. Made at my Flux in South London. These contemporary jewellery forms exist unique pieces as one a part of my exclusive one off bespoke jewellery collections. VENUS STAR

Intended as an evening bag, wearable as a ring and just big enough for your night - out essentials!

It's also a beautiful piece of sculpture and can be enjoyed in a home context too, of course!

The process of making this piece (an intricate web, hand woven from thin sterling silver wires) was very organic, with technique and material also directing its eventual form.

The Venus Star is approximately 10cm in diameter.

The hallmark is carried on a silverdisc which hangs like a charm from the star.



Material: Sterling Silver


Price: £1450
Vicky Forrester, contemporary  jewellery , bespoke jewellery, jewelry.