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Vicky Forrester, rings, wedding rings, gold and silver, contemporary  jewellery , bespoke jewellery, jewelry. Original hand made jewellery experiences. Designed and made by hand. Each piece is hand crafted and exists as an original. Gold silver special  jewellery gifts. Made at my Flux in South London. These contemporary jewellery forms exist unique pieces as one a part of my exclusive one off bespoke jewellery collections. MEDUSA CUFF

It is thought that the snake goddess was a representation of the unversal mother, a symbol of regeneration, of life itself. In ancient imagery we see her beautiful form wrapped in snakes, and in her later form as Medusa this beauty was thought so powerful that men feared to look upon her.


Taking inspiration from these ancient myths, the Medusa Cuff represents snake - like forms charmed into order.

Snaking chain has been bound into rings, each ring then being bound to the next to create this fine cuff, which carries a timeless, classic beauty.


Material: Sterling silver



In Private Collection
Vicky Forrester, contemporary  jewellery , bespoke jewellery, jewelry.