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About bespoke jewellery and the commissioning process

Most of the jewellery you see on the website are playfully evolved unique pieces. If you like my style of jewellery and my approach to making, I would be delighted to create a piece especially made for you.

The bespoke commissioning process requires time to develop. Once you have decided to commission a piece we will need to discuss the project either in person or by email to clarify your initial requirements. This is a free consultation to establish a brief and the timeframe for the piece to be developed, and to get some initial direction for the project. If you would like to commission me please get in touch.

1. In conversation we and working towards what you want things to consider beforehand are.

  • What would you like, something based on the images on the website or something completely bespoke
  • The size of the piece of jewellery - ring size / necklace length/ physical dimensions / weight etc
  • Any other constraints or requirements - allergies / large knuckles / unpierced ears etc
  • The pieces of jewellery you have seen and the qualities you'd like to echo in the design
  • The materials you would like to incorporate - which metals do you like?
  • Would you like to incorporate gemstones /personal fragments/other materials?
  • Would you like to recycle your old jewellery or precious metals to have them melted into the new piece of jewellery? This can be a nice way to add sentiment or carry your own history forward in time
  • Your timeframe - it depends on the complexity of the project and items can sometimes be rushed through a tight deadline, but aim for a 12 week window if possible
  • Your budget - this will also help to determine the materials we can use

2. I then produce some sketches, visuals, maquettes or other suitable samples that explore what we have discussed, from which we can move forward. These discussions are usually communicated via email.

  • An initial sketching fee of £150 is charged at this stage, and this is deducted from the final cost of the commission if you decide to go ahead.
  • A mock up in a cheaper metal can also be produced at cost, on request.

3. At this stage we agree the working process; when the final design has been agreed and you decide to go ahead with the commission I take a 50% deposit. Once you have paid the deposit it means that you have agreed to my terms and conditions. The balance of payment is due on collection.

4. If any changes to the design are required after this point they must be raised as early as possible. I will try always to accomodate your requirements, but timing is crucial in the procedure of making your bespoke piece.

Please note:

Items like the coral ring for example need to be made to size and can be produced with a 3-4 week turn around or sometimes less. More complex bespoke pieces can take much longer to finalise and while most commissions are completed within a 12 week period there are busy periods in the calendar which can extend the turnaround time. I will always advise whether there is sufficient time to continue, and if you can allow more than 12 weeks for the jewellery to be delivered this is always appreciated.

COSTS: I initially give an estimated cost. Each commissioned piece is a one-off; the cost of metal and other raw materials and processes can fluctuate. Therefore the final price will be set only once the deposit is paid or all aspects of the job have been agreed, whichever is the sooner.

Emerald Orb Pendant by Vicky Forrester
Bespoke Coral wedding Bands with black rhodium by Vicky Forrester
Bespoke Diamond Ring made from sentimental gold and vintage rose cut diamonds by Vicky Forrester


Bespoke Moldovite ring Box, as wearable pendant -  by Vicky Forrester Bespoke Moldovite Ring  by Vicky Forrester Bespoke Diamond Ring with vintage rose cut diamonds  by Vicky Forrester Bespoke Understatement Diamond Ring by Vicky Forrester Moldavite ring and box pendant   by Vicky Forrester Bespoke Pair of Rings with engraved message by Vicky Forrester

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